Meet Karissa

A busy mom of 4, business owner, and the creator of all the cute setups you see in the pictures on this site. The few times a year she’s not too busy shooting cake smashes and editing photos she’s usually at the lake.

Karissa has been shooting kids and families for years and there is simply no substitute for experience when it comes to coaxing the smile out of a shy 4 year old, or getting an unenthusiastic dad to look like he’s not being tortured in each image.


The Story Behind Karissa Knowles Photography

When Karissa first picked up a camera, there were no thoughts of Cotton Field Mini-Sessions, or what Christmas sets we would be offering the next year.

It starts with seeing beautiful light and learning how to capture it. Things really started to click when she started documenting her own kids as they started to grow into their own.

No one has complete angels as children, but sometimes just being able to glance up at a sweet image on the wall of them helps you remember that the hard days are just temporary.